Payday loan without payroll – of course & even cheap

Payday loan without payroll – of course & even cheap


A  Payday loan without payroll is nothing unusual. Because only because a payroll can not be presented, this does not mean that no salary is obtained. The lack of such proof can have various reasons. We want to show how a Payday loan without payroll works without much effort.

What does the payroll say?

Payroll shows how much wages or income you receive. In addition, the personal details of the person, the employer and all charges are noted. Important information for the banks and savings banks, if they want to determine the creditworthiness of a prospective customer.

Therefore, it is mandatory to present the latest pay slips to the lender. How many have to be depends on the bank and the type of loan. Many banks are content with the bills of the last three months. However, some banks also want to have access to the documents of the past six months. How many payslips are to be submitted is therefore individually adjustable.

Why can this be gone?

There are some potential creditors who can not show pay slips. Although you receive a regular income, but have no access to the bills or these simply duped.

Not all employees work in the same place as the employer. Anyone who is on assembly, has no regular contact with the employer and therefore may not be the current wage certificates.

In addition, it may be possible that the employer does not distribute the certificates on a regular basis, but for several months. Even then there is the possibility that when borrowing no current payslips are at hand.

Both variants, however, bring with it the possibility to demand the wage certificates on the short official route with the employer. He is obliged to provide the certificates promptly.

The situation is different when the pay statements have been postponed. Even then copies can be reordered with the employer. However, it may not be that pleased.

How can the pay slip be replaced?

Anyone who has no way to get the desired pay slips in a timely manner must look for alternatives. And those who can prove the reward exactly. The easiest way is with the help of account statements. The banks are always happy when they can take a look at the bank statements of the prospect. These show not only the wage, but also other incoming payments and expenses. Perfect for assessing the creditworthiness of the borrower.

Payday loan without payroll – the admission

Loan without payroll - the admission

If there is no way around taking the Payday loan without payroll, it must be seen that the non-existent payslips can be skilfully offset. With bank statements this works very well. However, this should be discussed in advance with the bank.

Once all the pre-conditions have been clarified, the search for a suitable loan offer can begin. If the desired loan amount, the intended purpose and the desired term are known, it is possible to search for the loan with the help of our comparison calculator. This shows up current loan offers on the most different conditions.

Our tip: Under “Product Details” you can see how many payslips have to be submitted before applying for the loan. On top of that, you realize what other requirements the lender has for borrowing.

Payday loan without payroll on unemployment

Unemployment is by far the worst condition for taking out a Payday loan without payroll. It means that there is no regular income and therefore no collateral for the loan. Even a positive private credit can save you there.

If you really want to implement your loan request under such a condition, keep in mind that this will not be easy. No bank will simply give you a loan if there is no money to repay. Therefore, include a guarantor in the borrowing from the beginning. If it is solvent, it can improve your credit rating and increase the chances of a reasonably fair loan offer. But do not expect miracles. Limit yourself to the essentials and plan the repayment very carefully.

Payday loan without payroll when receiving sickness benefit

If you are currently on sick leave for a longer period of time, you will only receive sickness benefit after six weeks. A social benefit that does not actually entitle you to receive a regular installment loan. If you want to implement the Payday loan without payroll despite the sick pay, you have to – similar to unemployment – provide for a balance. This is the only way you will raise your credit rating to a level that makes it possible to obtain a loan.

If possible, also rely on a solvent guarantor who supports you. Do not let the financier give you any residual debt insurance. This would not work in the event of a fall because you were not working on the loan. Most insurance companies forget to mention this little passage and the insured gets angry when the insurance does not pay.

That should be noted

Please keep in mind that there is always a reason why payroll can not be provided. If this reason is merely a nullity, taking out a loan without a pay slip is not in jeopardy. However, if there are no payslips, because you are not working or currently only receive sickness benefit, you must balance this blemish deftly. Otherwise, borrowing will be very difficult.

Use our comparison calculator to find a suitable loan offer. He will show you suitable loans and all terms and conditions that you need to meet for borrowing. Do not accept offers that require you to pay in advance. These are usually dubious offers that do not lead to the desired credit in the end.

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