Small loans online

How common are small loans today? Very much, judging by the increase in supply that followed the demand. More and more people today require loans of one thousand, two thousand, three thousand euros or a few thousand euros, which can be used to pay for a training course, a master’s degree, a motorcycle, or some medical expenses. Visit for a summary

Whatever the need that drives people to apply for loans, however today the offer of online small loans is really wide. The convenience of online loans lies above all in the fact that they are loans that are processed very quickly and conveniently, thus saving time as much as possible.

What are they and how are they obtained?

Small loans are also known as mini loans and consist of loans of a few thousand euros. Small loans are not finalized, so there is no need to declare why they are asking for money.

These are advantageous loans because they are simple to obtain, being small sums. The documents that are generally required are the identity document, the tax code, and the pay slip.

To try to speed up the timing, it is often possible to send the documentation directly online, via email or through specific forms. Generally the documents required for small loans are identity documents, social security numbers, and pay slips.

The small amounts of money that can be requested generally vary from one thousand euros to 10 thousand euros. The maximum amount is often 10 thousand euros, although it varies from financial to financial. To get a small loan quickly, you can refer to online services: in fact, online you can get a loan very quickly. If you are not a bad payer and you have not been protested, it is often sufficient to send the necessary documentation on the internet.

Examples of small loans online

Banks and financial institutions that grant small loans are for example:

  • Consel : allows an extremely fast and directly online procedure. Up to 10 thousand euros can be requested.
  • SpecialCash PostePay, Poste Italiane: allows you to get 15 thousand euros on PostePay.
  • Explora American Express : this is a revolving card that allows the loan to be paid in installments or in full.
  • Findomestic : has numerous offers on its web portal related to small loans.
  • Finatel : allows ultra-fast loans, in less than an hour, only to employees with payroll, CUD and salary certificate signed by the employer, maximum 50 thousand euros.
  • Cofidis : allows loans up to 5 thousand euros with all the documents described above.

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